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Ashram Experience

Ashrams are an integral part of Indian spiritual life. In ancient India Ashrams were created by sages to live in company of like-minded seekers to achieve ultimate goal of self-realization. In nutshell, this Ashram System is a unique and ancient heritage of Sanatana Dharma.

Before the existence of Hotels and other commercial accommodation, these ashrams were offering food and shelter to people to provide them a place away from their home for a break in life and do Sadhna (Penance).

In course of time the nature and structure of Ashrams have undergone changes, but the basic purpose have remained unchanged.

We are trying tom revive Ashram culture again in India ,as Ashrams can offer a very economic stay at most of the places in India and can bring an insight into Indian spiritual traditions and provide a peaceful environment to people to spent time in informal atmosphere. These Ashrams are also ecologically very friendly as they have minimum things required for leading day to day life and offer possibilities of service in Temple, Kitchen, Cleanliness and spreading their philosophy among others.

We are providing ashram experiences at Haridwar, Rishikesh, Vrindvan, Varanasi and soon we will be offering this option in most of the Indian cities and Pilgrimage places. A sizable part of our vast heritage of India is lying unused and unmaintained due to a long period of neglect and changing preferences of neo rich class towards Luxury Hotels. Now is the time to retune to our traditional Ashram System and strengthen it as back bone of our holiday experience.