Shri Braj Chaurasi (84) Kos Yatra

1st – 8th of every month (Braj 84 Kos Yatra)


Braj Chaurasi Kos Yatra (Introduction)

The 84 Kos Yatra is also known as the Braj Bhoomi Yatra as it covers the places and sites connected with the events of life of Lord Shri Krishna. The word Chaursi literally means 84 and Kos is a unit for measuring distance in India, so 84 means, 252 km of distance covered in this pilgrimage.

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It comprises Vrindavan, with its 12 vanas (forests), 24 upvanas (groves) and the sacred hill Govardhan, the divine River Yamuna and numerous holy places along its banks.This journey is undertaken by millions of devotees coming from faraway places of India and abroad. Braj Bhoomi 84 Kos Yatra can be done in 7-10 days with a planned itinerary by Car/Bus.This sacred Yatra can be undertaken all over the year, but the month of Kartik (October-Novermenber) is specially preferred by the devotees as it is belived that lord Shri Krishna in Kaliyoga, resides in Vrindavan only in the month of Kartika. Apart from Cars, many devout pilgrims also undertake this journey on foot. To most of the devotees doing 84 Kos Braj Yatra is like culmination of a long cherished wish fulfilled and for many it is a kind of penance undertaken out of complete surrender to Lord Shri Krishna.

Braj 84 Kos Yatra (Spiritual Significance)

Once Mata Yashoda and Nandbaba expressed their desire to go on pilgrimage before their son Lord Krishna. To fulfill their intense desire for pilgrimage, Shri Krishna invited all the sacred Places to settle around Vrindavan. Since then circumbulating these shrines is known as ‘Braj Chaurasi Kos Yatra’ which releases us of all our sins, which ultimately helps to escape the cycle of birth and death (Chaurasi lakh yoni’s or 8.4 million births in different inferior species like Animals, Plants, birds and other spiritually ignorant creatures.) and as a result help’s one to attain Moksha (salvation). A number of important incidences in Shrimad Bhagawat Mahapuran have also glorified this braj Bhoomi, which had lead to the origin of Braj Yatra.

1st – 8th of every month (Braj 84 Kos Yatra)

Now you can enjoy 84 Kos Braj Yatra in any month/date of your choice.

Regular (Monthly) Group Tour (Fix Departure on 1st of Every Month)

  • Participation Fees = 15000 Rupees per person
  • A/c Rooms on Twin sharing basis for 9 Nights/10days
  • Morning Tea/Breakfast /Lunch /Evening Tea/ Dinner
  • Visit to all the Palaces mentioned in origarme by A/c Vehicle
  • All Yatra related Pujan ceremonies in Vrindavan

Personal/Family Tour (As per your reuirements/dates)

We can also organize this journey especially for your group or family. It can be started on any date of your choice and Hotels/Transport/Guide can be customized as per your special requirements. For finding possibility and working out cost give us following details.

Daily Routine (Time Table) during the Yatra

  • Tea, Breakfast: 6:00 7:00 a.m
  • Tea, Breakfast: 6:00 7:00 a.m
  • Lunch: 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
  • Evening Tea: 4:00 pm
  • Dinner: 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Important Things to Note

  • Tour will be organized if we get minimum 5 people to travel together. If Tour is not organized we will give 100 percent refund (Except the 5 percent Tax)
  • Devotees are requested to reach Vrindavan on the 1st of the month by Afternoon, so in evening can join the group and we can start the Tour next morning at 8 AM on 2nd of the month.
  • The yatra will start from Sri Dham Vrindavan and the night rest will also remain in Vrindavan every day.
  • Lunch prasad (meal) will be at a prearranged place on the yatra route. Night prasad will remain at the residence site in Vrindavan only.
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  • Send your arrival information at the earliest with full details, so that you can get the full benefit of the system.
  • Residential facility on the first day will be available to you from 12 noon, but if you are arriving in early morning inform us and send your arrival information at the earliest with full details, so we can try to get you rooms at the time of arrival.
  • The Tour organizer will have the right to change the itinerary at any stage.
  • This is an auspicious journey to the divine places of the holy Brajbhoomi and the spiritual experience of the land of Shri Krishna. Therefore, one must keep the grace of this Saced land.
  • All meals served will be purely vegetarian and without Onion and Garlic

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