Temple Trail of Old Delhi

It is an introduction to three important faiths of India Hinduism , Jainism and Sikhism by visiting three most popular Temples of Old Delhi belonging to these three faiths. Old Delhi’s main Chandni Chowk street have most famous Hindu , Jain and Sikh temples in a row. It is a perfect place to visit these closely located temples to understand the composite and harmonic religious culture of India.

Jain Temple

Shri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir is the oldest and best-known Jain Temple of Digambar sect of Jain religion.It is directly across the Red fort at the beginning of main Chandini Chowk area.The temple is known for its unique an avian Vetrinary (Birds) hospital, known as Jain Birds Hospital within the Temple premises.Temple was built in 1656 and later on beautified by many Jain merchants.

This charitable Birds Hospital admits birds on daily basis and takes care of them free of cost. The hospital is mostly run on the donations given by the devotees and social workers. All kinds of birds are brought here including sparrows, pigeons, cuckoos and koels. Well trained health workers take care of birds, which are commonly injured by ceiling fans, threads used to fly kites, stones etc.The hospital also has an ICU and a special treatment ward and wards are changed as the injury improves. After treatment these healthy birds are set free to fly away to their freedom.

Hindu Temple

In Hinduism there are many gods and goddesses but three main gods are Brahama( The creator of the world, having only one Temple in the world in Pushkar in Rajasthan) , Vishna (Care Taker of world and incarnated as Rama , Krishna and others form) and Shiva (The destroyer). All these together complete the cycle of creation ,so are eually revered.

Shiva Temple is the most popular among residents of Old delhi and one can see rituals through out the day. People offer flowwrs and water on Shiva Lingam ( Symbolic representation of Shiva). Acording to Hindu mythology Lord Shiva is the most innocent God and can be pleased very easily, so is called Bholenath. (innocent God)Attractions.

Sikh Temple

In local language it is called Guradwara (Guru = Teacher, Dwara = Gate), literary meaning the gate way to Guru (source of knowledge and enlightenment).
Inside one can see a beautiful hall, where devotees do their prayers and a large dining hall (Langar), where thousands of devotees are served quality nutritious food. This community food is organized by volunteers and one can visit the big Kitchen to see interesting process of cooking Indian food on a large scale in a very efficient and hygienic manner.These temples can be very conveniently explored during our Cycle Rickshaw tours. If you have enough time (2-3 hours) required to visit these three temples. In case you are short of time you can also see these temples from outside.

Code of conduct

Shoes and socks not allowed, but very good arrangements for keeping shoes and to cover your head (Scarfs are provided by the Temple).
Cigarrate, Tabacco is not permitted to be brought inside or even close to the temple premises. Photography – Allowed all over except the main shrine area.

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