Arpanam Foundation is involved in the whole spectrum of developmental activities from creating environ¬mental awareness to undertaking watershed development: from disaster management to sustainable livelihoods; from joint forest management to giving inputs to policies. They range from clubs, which encourage nature camping to agencies, which undertake research and monitoring.

Arpanam Foundation is exclusively working for environmental, protection, conservation, and aware¬ness. It is help government to implement their programs, but also as partners shaping policy and programs.

An important role of Arpanam Foundation is framing the environmental policy, mobi¬lizing public support for environmental conservation, and protecting the endangered species of forests and animals and creating awareness about the environmental dangers in using drift nets in the commercial fishing industry.

Environmental policies will achieve positive results only when they are addressed to local issues and solve the problems of local people. The policymakers should keep in mind the needs of the people while framing the policies and implementing the envi¬ronment-friendly projects.