Tourism and Hospitality

Tourists from various regions of the world explore remote corners of the Globe and entire travel experience at any destination is delivered by service providers working in Socio-economic and ecological setting quite different to their normal place of residence. It can be a remote Village in the Himalayas or a Tribal village of Africa or any off beat destination, there are always people required with few basic skills to provide travellers a warm hospitality and dependable guidance.

Through Skill development in tourism sector, we aim to fill up skill gaps that need to be filled up for smoother functioning of industry at selected destinations. For convenience of understanding we categorise our work in following two sub-sectors.


1) Informal sector ( Unorganised Sector of Tourism)

Which largely comprises of unskilled, casual workers having no formal education in Hospitality and Tourism. We provide short term training to those stakeholders, who work in tourism at those remote places where any formal education in Tourism and Hospitality is not available. Often the formal education like Hotel management, Tourism management are quite expensive and time taking, so people engaged in informal sectors s of tourism often due to their socio-economic conditions are not able to get any formal training in industry. Skill development in this informal sector is the back bone for sustainable development of tourism, as to a great extent these stakeholders provide authentic experience of the destination to the majority of the travellers. Few of the target groups are mentioned below.

  • Cycle rickshaw drivers
  • Bus/Cab/Auto drivers
  • Porters employed to carry luggage of trekkers
  • Operational level staff working in remote hotels/ resorts, wildlife lodges
  • Street food providers
  • Waiters working in small Dhabas restaurants, catering companies are not given a formal training in cooking, sanitation, cleanliness, nutrition and guest handling

2) Formal Sector

This sector consists of better educated people and having relatively a well-defined role in a formally recognised Organisation like Star Categorised Hotels, Restaurants, Wellness Spas and Resorts, Tour-operators, Tour-leaders, Wild life Experts, Catering experts, Educators and Policy makers. This sector also needs regular upgradation of skills to keep themselves updated and well equipped to cater to ever-changing tourist demands. We also provide short term courses for this sector through our well-structured programs delivered by experienced and highly qualified Experts of their field. We train manpower for tourism companies and Hotels according to their operational needs. Few of the segments we have covered in past are following.

Hospitality Units –Training candidates to work in Advture Camps and Temporary accommodation to provide luxury accommodation to tourists on special occasions like Kumbh Festival in India.

Pilgrimage Management – Training of Tour-Managers to lead trips in Char Dham sector in Himalayan region of Uttrakahnd for Tour-operators.

Tourism Courses – Special Sustainable Tourism courses for students of Hotel Management and Tourism management enrolled in different professional courses in different universities and institutions.