Vrindavan Rickshaw Tour

Vrindavan is one of the holiest small towns of India, where love and devotion are spread all over. It is a unique place where Krishna devotees from all over the world are living together as a community and have surrendered themselves to their Master Krishna. In medieval ages it was the dream of every King of India to have a Temple and Place constructed in Vrindavan, so city become architecturally a very rich town and that richness can still be seen in Old Temples, Places, Beautiful Ghats (Banks of River Yamuna) in this town.

Prem Mandir

Wall paintings in Vrindavan

A Krishna devotee in Vrindavan

Places to visit:

  • Shri Banke Bihari Temple
  • Shri Radha Raman Ji Temple
  • Nidhi Van
  • Radha Govind Temple
  • ISKCON Temple
  • Rang Nath ji Temple
  • Vrindavan Parikrana (A round trip around Vrindavan)