Why to avail our Cycle Rickshaw Trips

According to the Agenda of United Nations (2030), Tourism is expected and can play a very positive role in poverty alleviation and preserving culture and bringing world peace. We are promoting cycle rickshaw trips for encouraging environmentally friendly travel around different old cities of India. By promoting Cycle Rickshaw tours among travel fraternity in India, we are trying to make tourism people oriented as well as ecologically, socially and economically more sustainable and contribute towards achieving 17 Sustainable Development Goals (17 SDGs) recommend by the United Nations.

Typically, the old parts of most of the Indian cities are under immense Population and Pollution pressure and Cycle Rickshaw being Non-polluting vehicle is most suitable for exploring the narrow lanes of these historical cities. A Cycle Rickshaw Ride through the old cities is truly a local, Thrill-filled and Eco-Friendly travel experience. By riding a cycle rickshaw you can reach remote narrow lanes of old cities and get a chance to pass through Popular Bazaars and understand the lifestyle, economy and architecture of medieval India.

As the world is changing very fast and technology is changing all the aspects of our life and Cycle Rickshaw drivers represent a class of people fully dependent on manual labor and with advent of technology e-rickshaws are replacing the manually driven rickshaw and one of the reasons behind promoting these manual rickshaw drivers is to establish the dignity of labour in the society.

Rickshaw Drivers

Cycle Richshaw drivers are locally called ‘Rickshawala’ and in most of them are immigrants from different near and far cities and villages. Each of the Cycle Rickshaw is typically a source of livelihood for one person and in most of the case an entire family supported by a Rickshaw driver. We are trying to connect these cycle Rickshaw drivers with mainstream tourism industry by equipping them with Information Technology support and skills required to earn fairer wedges by providing their services to tourists.