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Tourism Research

A successful tourism dvelopememnt requires promotion, marketing, infrastructure development to be based on intensive research and survey. Tourism research can help a great deal in saving time and resources often wasted due to lack of insight into unique dynamics of tourism industry. We are conducting academic and industrial research in different aspects of tourism for different stakeholders in India. We have a long experience of more than two decades and a highly skilled team capable of conducting research in the tourism field. Few of the arreseavh areas are mentioned below.

  • Tourists demand and experiences (Qualitative and quantitative Analysis)
  • Ecotourism feasibility studies and stakeholders engagement
  • Sustainable supply Chain
  • Fair trade practices and linkages with tourism
  • Agro and Rural Tourism product development and visitor facilitation
  • Analysis of Skill Gaps to improve Guests satisfaction at destinations/Tourism Units
  • Energy efficiency in Hotels (including water efficiency) to reduce carbon footprints
  • Supply chain survey for Tour- operators aspiring to follow sustainable tourism framework
  • Carrying capacity assessment
  • Local Community development through involvement in tourism
  • Scenario Planning in Tourism
  • Organising conferences /seminars/workshops for popularising Tourism research

Research Tools

We employ scientific methods for executing tourism research projects. We conduct field surveys, in-depth interviews of stakeholders and use advance software like SSPSS for quantitative analysis. We have tie ups with leading Tourism management Institutes to keep ourselves well up to date.